Cairo Snaps - الاخوان قتالة (قاتلة)  يسقط الاخوان
Cairo Snaps
"Sometimes we photograph to explore, expose and preserve life...
photography helps us remembering...."

Cairo snaps, a blog dedicated to the streets and lifestyle of Cairo. it started out with snapping only Cairo, where I am based, but later on, it spread out all over Egypt.

Nadia is a contemporary photographer who lives and works in Cairo, Egypt. She studied Applied Arts at Hulwan University and received her BA in 2010. She works as an art and freelance photographer. Her concerns mainly center on street documentary photography and representations of the self. She works with photography in an expanded sense and uses innovation installations in her exhibitions. Recently, she is working on a long term project entitled Discovering the City (Cairo). She has exhibited and participated in residency programs internationally.
She is a member of the Urbanile Project ( ), Ranciere reading group ( ).
Some recent exhibitions and awards are: Cairo Photo Marathon (2011/12), Marseille Vu Par 100 Photographs (Marseille, April 2013), Photography public presentation (Marseilles, Feb 2012), Soutk Art Project (Braunschweig, Sep 2012) and the Bjecm Biennale the Mediterranen (Ancona, June 2013). Sandouq ElDonia: interactive 3D analogue of the city (Copenhagen, Sep 2013 ). as well as having some works published in photo art books; Made in Tahrir (Cairo,2011), CAIRO: Images of transition (Cairo/Copenhagen 2013).


"Technical perfection is not the goal of photography: seeing life is "- Ellis Vener
الاخوان قتالة (قاتلة)  يسقط الاخوان
  1. الاخوان قتالة (قاتلة)  يسقط الاخوان

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